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Apple iPad Catching Up On Android In OS Market

Latest figures published by Netmarketshare show that the the operating system market share of the Apple iPad has jumped from 0.03 to 0.08 percent for the month of May 2010.

However, a detailed analysis of the last three days of May showed that the iPad peaked at 0.17 percent of the global OS market share, which would put well ahead of the iPod Touch (or Android) and just behind Symbian.

The iPad was released in the UK as well as in eight other countries last Friday which might explain the sudden peak recorded during the long bank holiday weekend.

Apple’s so-called “Magical” device will be released in nine other countries in July bringing the total number of territories where the free iPad has been rolled out to 19.

Combined altogether, the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad reach 0.8 percent which would put Apple’s mobile platforms just behind Java ME and more than all the other operating systems (including Symbian & Android) combined.

NetMarketshare gets its data from browsers of site visitors from a network of websites that count approximately 160 million visitors per month.

Windows operating system still leads the pack but has already lost 1.8 percent since July 2009 but still commands 91.28 percent of the market.

ITProPortal has also launched a contest inviting prospective and current iPad owners to get up to £500 worth of free apple iPad accessories (including iPad Apps and Apple iTunes Credit) simply by submitting the list of accessories they’d like to have. Simples!!

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New Speculations about the Apple iPhone 4G or iPhone HD

Steve Jobs will later this month announce details of the apple iPhone 4G that will be released somewhere between June and August this year. It’s the most anticipated gadget to be sent out from apple HQ and will have gadget and phone lovers in a spending frenzy.  Some critics have priced the iPhone 4G in at a whooping £800 easily… many claim it will take the user experience to a whole new level.

You can guarantee that the iPhone 4G will be very classy as the iPhone series has shown, The iPhone market has taken apple stocks through the roof! Below is a breakdown of some of the new features that the iPhone will bring to the table.

The internet hype has already started with iPhone 4G madness! Ever since the leak of the iPhone 4G, gadget critics have spent no time wasting and have been busy guessing what the new iPhone will do.  Apple will be giving us something which can be used for generations rather than discounting the device years later.

As for names of the next iPhone, the name 4G has been given temporary status until a official name is given. Some are naming it the iPhone HD which is not a surprise as many apple products that are being released are stuffed to the brim of HD… what more could the geeks dream for!

The following are some of the EXPECTED features below :

  1. Unified Mailbox.
  2. Application folders.
  3. New! Wallpaper features.
  4. Removable Battery.
  5. Revamped Glossy Design.
  6. Multi-Tasking. (Dead Cert)
  7. iChat camera (front cam)
  8. 32 GB and 64 GB of memory.
  9. Changeable Faceplates.
  10. Added Device Compatibility.
  11. OLED screen.
  12. HD Camera.
  13. HD Video Camera.
  14. HD Audio.

As we know apple will defiantly not add all of the above but we can sure guess that nearly all will be of some sort added to the bill.  Not long to wait till we find out for more updates when they arrive stay uptodate at –

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Apple iPad is Available Worldwide… As of today yours is free!

As hundreds filled the streets all over the globe to queue for a apple iPad, many even spending the night just to grab the latest tablet from apple. Some are naming it a fashion accessory whilst others are hailing it as a breakthrough in modern living but overall the impact in sales is evident as apple sell under 2 million units on the worldwide release date.

Time will only tell what the future holds for the iPad but one thing is evident and that it’s going to be with us for a very long time as many folk consider the ipad to be a necessity to the household or to basic tasks in the working environment. Reports are now springing up left right and center of other companies now in development of a new tablet based range to try and get a foot in the portable tablet market.

Unfortunate people have resorted to online websites such as to claim a free iPad, all new members that sign up to the site are given a iPad tablet absolutely free of charge, just for completing a simple offer. Stocks are running drastically low everywhere and one thing keeps bugging me and that’s apple are happy enough to set the price of this high end device. But they are not so eager to provide a decent number of tablets to meet the demand ???

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Apple iPad fans queue for iPad's UK launch

May 28, 2010 1 comment

Several hundred customers queued outside of Apple’s leading shop in Regent Street for the iPad tablet, which sold more than one million units in its first 28 days of availability in the USA.

Shorter queues were also seen at other Apple Shops, including an overnight queue at the Westfield shopping centre in the London. In the UK, Apple stores opened an hour early  to sell the Apple  iPad. Currys and PC World are also stocking the device at 139 outlets across the UK.

The iPad was initially planned to launch in the UK in late March, but the date was  pushed back into late April, then late May, due to shortages in the US. Online sales in the UK, which were also planned for Friday, have been pushed back to 7 June.

At the Westfield store, the first in the queue was a woman who had sent her son to wait overnight, a security manager for the shopping centre told ZDNet UK. The mother then took his place at 7:45am, just before the shop opened.

Scenes like these across the Uk were reported overnight! and it’s turned into an apple frenzy with news following that Apple have taken over microsoft on the company value table.

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